Exhibitor testimonials A+A 2015

Photo: Enser Itergen
Enser Itergen, International Sales Executive, Kaya Safety/Turkey:
„The show was very good for us. All customers were directly from the filed and we could really reach their needs with our portfolio. You don’t waste your time here! A nice trend is to have more and more entertainment. Next time we would love to present our products in a special show, that is more appealing to customers.“
Photo: Wendy Leslie Pereira
Wendy Leslie Pereira, Director of Unicare/India
„At this A+A, we made a lot of new, promising contacts from all over the world. In my opinion it is very important to be present in A+A, even if online purchasing is rising. People want to touch and feel the products. And they want to see, if a company is reliable. I believe that maintaining relationships is fundamental for successful business. That's why it is so important to be here.“
Photo: Francesca Fratus
Francesca Fratus, Export, Sales & Marketing, Nettuno/Italy
„It is very important for us to come to A+A, as all big players of Europe are here. We can't miss it! This year it was quite crowded, we had a lot of sales agents which promise to make a good distribution of our hand cleaners for heavy duty dirt in their respective countries.“
Photo: Garry Johnson
Garry Johnson, CEO bei Steel Blue/Australia
„This year's A+A was for us the best fair ever! As the economy in Europe is improving we feel a greater demand for our high quality shoes. Topics like comfort and foot health, or ethical sourcing are becoming more and more important. We are hopeful that this trend will continue, this would be great for us!“
Photo: Gunter Streubel
Gunter Streubel, CEO of AISCO Firetrainer/Germany
„What makes it interesting for us to come to A+A is the oportunity of showing our training devices on a central platform in hall 6. Our visitors get a first impression and come with well-directed questions. In two years we want to repeat our big fireshow in the outdoor area, to make it a more realistic experience.“
Photo: Nico Bremicker
Nico Bremicker, Key Account Manager, ABUS/Germany
„We are very satisfied with this years A+A: We had a lot of good conversations with experts from various areas. With our niche topic ‚lockout/tagout’ we have definitely set a new trend. After beeing strongly demanded in the american market, we now hope to open up the German market, too.“
Photo: Pia Simon
Pia Simon, Marketing Coordinator Germany, FE Engel/Denmark
„For us, this years A+A went very well. We registered a great run of an international wide-ranged public. This helps us to continue establishing ourselves in Europe. Our modern designed Galaxy-series was very well recieved, wich is also gratifying for us, because we see that we are acting on a new trend, that is fashionable safety wear.“
Photo: Simone Cornali
Simone Cornali, CEO at GENESI/Italy
„For our tenth aniversary and first presence at A+A we introduced a software that revolutionises the way safety managers work. The interest was high and the visitors were technical experts, so that meetings were target-oriented and concrete, very effective! The international orientation of this fair opens a lot of opportunities to grow. All in all we are very satisfied and would like to return with a bigger booth.“