Exhibitor testimonials A+A 2017

Photo: Pia Simon
Jurgen Winde, Managing Partner, Tympro, Netherlands
"Tympro has been in the market since the early 90s", he explains. "We produce individually adjusted ear protection." The company started out of a research project at a university in 1982. Back then they pioneers in the development of the most advanced hearing protection product in the world. "That’s how we work: We take ear imprints of the workers at mostly industrial companies and adjust the ear protectors until they really fit the individual ear. Today we experience more competition as ear protection becomes more and more important. It’s the third time we take part at the A+A because it is the world’s leading fair for work safety."
Gernot Leinert, Executive Vice President, Universum Verlag, Germany
"The Universum Publishing Company deals with all kind of job safety topics. At the A+A we focus on the new launched title Prävention Aktuell. "In contrast to the negative economic development of public magazines or newspapers, Universe doesn’t experience a decline of sales. They have clear goals for the next days: "We want to find new clients for ads and cooperations, and we are also looking forward to inspiring talks with experts that we’d like to convince to write for us from time to time. We see that the job safety business has momentum. More and more companies understand how important it is for their business partners and employees. We want to further raise the awareness for this issue.”
Per Westergren, Business Manager and Eva Janmerk Managing Director, AKLA First Aid System, Sweden
AKLA is a family business in third generation. "In 1926 we started with cold medicine pills, but with the growth of the automotive industry, especially of Volvo, we changed our range towards first aid products such as bandages and ointments and thus became a main supplier", Per Westergren tells. This is the fourth year at the A+A and they are planning on more to follow. "First Aid Products will be more important in the future because treating wounds professionally is essential in times of multiresistant germs and bacteria. In addition to the fair business we enjoy the excellent Asian food in Düsseldorf whenever possible," they say smiling.
Emma Pihl, CEO/Founder, Swedish Posture, Sweden
The young founder started her business six years ago and will be visiting the A+A for the first time. She considers the fair to be a great place to expand her international B2B contacts. “Swedish Posture” stands for health products to improve posture and body awareness, especially for people working all day long in a sitting position. “I understood at some point that preventing back problems will be essential in the future as people tend to move less and less in their jobs – and healthy employees save costs. In addition to product range we offer services like workshops in companies and online tutorials. We are looking forward to meet many international visitors at the fair for a productive exchange of ideas.
Pascal Dahmer, Head of Marketing, BP– Bierbaum-Proenen GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
"For many years now we have been taking part at the A + A. It's the most important fair for our company to meet our international target group. Our core business is producing equipment for personal application, equipment for craft and industry, for catering, medicine and medical care. Also the market areas food and pharmacy are part of our very wide product range. One aspect is getting important over the years. Companies focus more and more on work safety in their recruiting marketing strategy to have a USP in the "war for talents" because they know that employees appreciate that." By the way, BP will celebrate their 230th birthday in 2018.
Photo: Gunter Streubel
Ruben Maes, Market manager Electro conductive textiles and Vanessa De Pauw Sales and Marketing Officer, BEKAERT, Belgium
"Regarding our products for work safety, the A+A is essential for our company. We take part each time", they tell. The Bekaert Group has 30.000 employees. But both representatives are here to show a special product: "Bekinox® is the brandname for 100% stainless steel fibers and yarns. It is used in different applications: anti-static, smart, heatable, cut-resistance, shielding. The heatable yarn for example, can help the swedish police to stay warm during the winter season on their motorcycles. It is sewn into special prepared clothes and also connected with the bike to get energy. With the energy a cloth heating system is operated."
Pamela Fu, Sales Manager, Baofeng Knittings LTD. Funktional Fabric R&D, China
"It’s the first time that we take part at the A+A. We recently set up international departments for a worldwide expansion and the A+A is our initial step to get in contact with more international buyers. Our USP is the production of fabric with special security standards. China has increasing labor costs, so more and more requests come from companies of countries like Vietnam and Indonesia, where the labor costs are still on a low level. The A+A is our choice because it has a well known reputation and we are looking forward to meet many people. Yet we are also a little bit sceptical because finished garments are mostly demanded, not „only" fabric. But we are positive the fair will prove to be a success."
Maurizio Corallo, CEO, Perf – Product Performance Passion, Italy
"Our core business are shoes. Our customers are not only from the work safety industry. We also sell to retailers because the end comsumer also appreciates the performance of our products", he starts the interview. “We provide a special technology that makes the material extremely light und comfortable. As Italians we also focus on design. The Brand Perf has been in the market for five years, however I’ve been coming to the A + A for 20 years in a row. Before I was responsible for Perf, I participated at the A+A for the holding company that Perf belongs to, the RAHMAN Group.”