Visitor statements A+A 2017

Photo: Gunter Streubel
Shannon Wuoti, International Sales & Marketing Manager, JETPILOT AUSTRALIA, Australia and Danny Hancock, Excecutive Brand Manager, JPI AUSTRALIA, Australia
"This is the first time for us to explore the A+A. We've come all the way from Australia to further establish our clothing brand Jet Pilot. The effort is worth it because the A + A is very important for us." They will be here until Sunday and also want "to explore Düsseldorf and go shopping in the old town."
Maike Künzell-Leisen, PSA Sicherheitstechnik, Germany
"I visit the fair to represent my own company, PSA Sicherheitstechnik. The main reason why i’m here is to have meetings and i neet the whole period for this. In my business the A+A ist the most important fair. I’m also Specialist for work safety, so the second reason is to get an market overview", she tells.
Photo: Simone Cornali
Obinna Eneh, Aerix Group, Nigeria
"I’m responsible for the safety equipment in the Aerix Group. We offer health and safety expertise, insight and solutions for creating healthy work environments. I have so many appointments that the fair could take longer. For us it is the most important fair and i like the atmosphere", he summerizes.
Corrado Marochi and Federico Fedeli, Sifa Technology, Italy
Both just arrived and they stay only today, but still have time for an interview. "Because the organization of the fair is really great, it is very easy to visit a lot of our customers on one day and to explore some new business opportunities. The fair is so international, otherwise it would take many days to visit our business contacts." Sifa Technology is offering high tech components and accessories at the air and liquid filter makers.
Yaqub Hamraz, Hamraz International, India
Visiting the trade fair A+A is self-evident for Mr. Hamraz. Every time he takes part and travels the long way of India. His company is a manufacturer of security and protective garments. "Amongst other things I am looking for rainprotecting solutions, because I am specialised in this field. News of Nomex are one thing I am focused on today." Yaqub Hamraz mentiones two reasons for being here: international business appointments and to increase his knowledge of trends in the market.
Photo: Francesca Fratus
Ulrike Stapf, IMB - Institute of Molecular Biology, Germany
"I am looking for a software solution for risk assessment with components of management of hazardous substances and online-instruction. Yet we work with sharepoint-solutions," she explains. Ulrike Stapf visits the A+A for the first time and also plans to gain an overall overview and for her professional network. The aim of IMB is to conduct basic and applied research in developmental biology, epigenetics, genome stability and related biomedical areas.
Michael Springorum, Cleff-Teknik, Germany
Cleff Teknik is an international automotive supplier specialized in custommade development and production of service-sets, prototypes and complex system solutions. ”I visit the A+A every time because I get all information about work safety and protection, especially for hand shields and shoes. In the shoe business Atlas is the most important exhibitor for our company. That is why I am going to meet my colleagues there right now,” Michael Springorum answers.
Janis Berzins, Riga Technical University, Latvia
Since 1995 Mr. Berzins visits the A+A. He works as a professor at the Technical University in Riga and wants to keep his students well informed about news of the industry: "I am looking for new developments of technical measuring instruments for my lessons with safety engineers. Of course, all new standards in the field of engeneering are relevant, that is why I take part at the fair. Compared to the last years I recognize more exhibitor for protective clothing. But I know that I will also get all information I need for engineering solutions", he answers joyfully.