Theme ParkFire Protection/ Emergency Management

In Hall 6 you experienced "pure action": informative presentations and live demonstrations showed you the measures that help to prevent accidents, large-scale incidents and the need for rescue operations. This is where you learned how companies can protect themselves.

In its tried and tested manner, the German Werkfeuerwehrverband (WFVD – the Industrial Fire Protection Association of Germany) presented the key themes from the areas of industrial safety and fire protection.

In individual areas, the WFVD association dealed with questions relating to all parts of the full concept of the theme park.

  • How does a company set about the following tasks?
  • Equipping the site with the right alarm system for the fire safety personnel
  • Protecting itself against the release of hazardous materials
  • Learning how to handle chemical protection suits
  • Equipping itself to fight fires in the production area and office
  • Dealing with a severe build-up of smoke

Specialists from the association were on hand as contact persons and to demonstrate the practical routines in the workplace.