Review: Partner Country Republic of Korea

Asian pioneer in the field of prevention and protection system development

The partner country of A+A 2015 was South Korea. The country is not only pursuing an ambitious social-political agenda to implement safe and productive workplaces in its own country. It is considered a leader by experts with regard to prevention and has been involved in numerous projects that are supported by the International Labour Organization in other states of the region like Myanmar, for example. At the same time, with a workforce of 24 million, and therefore potential users of protective items and solutions for health and safety at work, the market is considered to be especially attractive from a supplier’s point of view.

In addition to the community stand with exhibitors from the Republic of Korea and a visit from a high-ranking political delegation from the country, A+A 2015 included a talk regarding the training of safety experts and the improvement of communication between regulatory and advisory institutions and companies. An informative event also provided suppliers of person protective equipment with details pertaining to the relevant regulations and certification issues regarding the import of related products.