Review: Special Show Workplace Design

The section Workplace Design focused upon the ergonomic arrangement of workplaces and work processes in production and offices, especially the communication of good practice taking into account the criteria of people-friendly workplace design, the man-machine interface, prevention and cost-effectiveness.

The impairment of health due to poor working conditions and subsequent absences and reductions in performance also have a negative effect on the profits of the company. The same applies to work in offices, the places in which intellectual goods are produced.

Good and healthy work has therefore come increasingly to the fore in the discussion of the role of human capital in a company. Current topics now also include, for example, age-appropriate arrangement of workplaces, interface design, lighting, climate and acoustics.

The special show workplace Design was complemented by numerous exhibitors that presented their products in the field of ergonomic working, various functional and designed office furniture as well as further offers regarding the design of workplaces. Again the journal “Ergonoma” presented their “Ergonomics Village” at A+A (Hall 10C29\ 10E25).