Special Show Wearable Technologies in Hall 9

For the first time at this year’s A+A, the special show Wearable Technologies illustrates what kind of influence wearable equipment already has today on the most modern safety and security standards. Besides manufacturers of components, textiles or technology worn close to the body, possible cross-linking of tracking and monitoring applications with the different industry sectors will be presented in Hall 9.

Exhibitors at our booth will cover all afore mentioned categories. TRACKING SOLUTIONS will be presented by Sportscurve (www.sportscurve.com) which offers a GPS-based service solution for team tracking purposes supports amongst others rescue and security teams during their operations. DUNE (www.dune-sistemi.com), an Italian company operating since 1980 in R&D, aerospace, defense, underwater acoustics, robotics, industrial control and communications, will be showcasing ARIANNA – a system for location and pedestrian tracking based on the processing of raw inertial data, developed for environments where GPS signals are unreliable or absent. Also, HSG-IMIT (www.hsg-imit.de), a leading R&D provider for microsystem technology in the fields of microfluidics, sensors and information technologies, provides tracking solutions and will show an indoor system for pedestrian tracking and localization. The inertial sensors are attached to the foot or shoe of the wearer and connect with an app on a tablet via Bluetooth.

D3O Labs / Design Blue (www.D3O.com) will exhibit ground breaking IMPACT PROTECTION SOLUTIONS that license a range of unique patented smart materials. This market changing technology is used to produce a shock absorbing material which can be found in a range of products across various sectors like motorcycle, sport, footwear, electronics, military and workwear. Products examples are light weight, flexible and breathable limb protectors.

WEARABLE EMERGENCY CALL SYSTEMS are presented by ICEdot (crash-sensor.eu/). The innovative emergency identification and notification service provides first responders with critical health information at the scene of an accident. The system can be used for lone workers but also for athletes. The health information of the wearer can be retrieved manually with a phone number engraved on a sporty-looking silicon wristband, the ICEdot Band, or fully automatic with the ICEdot Crash Sensor built into a helmet. LIMMEX offers an (www.limmex.com) Emergency Watch that can request assistance at the push of a button. Thanks to the built-in loudspeaker and microphone you can speak directly through the watch to the person you have called. It works outdoors just as reliably as it does at home. It is not only created for elderly people or children but also for jobs where security is a central issue, e.g. employees of 24h petrol stations, shift workers, forestry employees, emergency doctors.

EUROTECH (www.eurotech.com), a global company that integrates hardware, software, services and expertise to deliver embedded computing platforms and sub-systems, presents RUGGED MINI COMPUTERS AND WEARABLE COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS. Drawing on concepts of minimalist computing, EUROTECH reduces power draw, physical size and coding complexity. At A+A, EUROTECH will display ready-to-use devices like hand held, wrist worn and man worn computers, multi-service gateways, and M2M solutions, such as a rugged powerful handheld computer, a robust, lightweight, versatile wrist-wearable computer, and a rugged, small form factor wearable and vehicle mountable computer designed for use in demanding applications.

ALPENHEAT (www.alpenheat.com/), specialist and leading manufacturer for HEATABLE CLOTHING, boot heaters, boot dryers, heated gloves and heated accessories since 1993, targets - customers in the area of winter sports, outdoor, and hunting, as well as all activities where feet or the body are exposed to cold and/or where shoes get uncomfortably wet. The strength of the product range lies in its diversity and proven technology.

An EEG/EOG/EMG Headset for stress reduction will be presented by 4DForce (www4dforce.eu/). The unique technology allows to control biological processes with your mind. The reduction of stress allows to lead a more relaxed, and thus healthier, life. The company uses an established technology known as biofeedback, which has already proven successful in the treatment of diseases like ADHS, depression, epilepsy, migraine and other neurological disorders. The technology is now also available for other applications.
For more information please go to: http://www.wearable-technologies.com/events/a-a-2013