TREND FORUM / 27.10.2021

Experimental presentations Denios AG

Opening, Fraunhofer IPA and Universität Stuttgart IFF, Exoskelette

Planning basis for the use of exoskeletons in order picking

Exoskeleton assessment and exo workathlon

Ottobock Paexo Exoskeleton in the endurance test of the logistics industry

Physical and cognitive Stress: potentials of industrial exoskeletons

Panel Discussion

News from the Committee on Hazardous Substances (AGS)

TRGS 510: Everything in its place?

SUBSPORTplus: Relaunch of the Substitution Platform

Exposure to airborne particles during filling of containers with bulk material

Experimental presentations asecos

Post-COVID - the underrated complication of COVID-19

Digital stress - how to find the way out?

What traces is the pandemic leaving in the world of work?

Professional air purifier systems: How to choose correctly / What you need to know

Lithium-Ion batteries and accumulators - hazard potential, risks and legal issues