TREND FORUM / 28.10.2021

Experimental presentations asecos

Formal conformity of PPE by the example of FFP2 masks

Proper procurement of protective clothing

How LHD supports the fire brigades

Corporate fashion - options for acting sustainably and limitations

The Blue Angel Eco Label goes circular - how to become more recyclable with voluntary environmental labeling

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act - an Overview

Textile service: preparing PPE and workwear safely and sustainably

Experimental presentations Denios AG

TRGS 510: Everything in its place?

Fighting cancer in the workplace: how the GDA Hazardous Substances Check can help

TRGS 910: Risk-based action concept for carcongenic hazardous substances

TRGS 528: Hazards and protective measures during welding

Application hygiene from the point of view of a premium clothing manufacturer/development of a 99.9% particle protection for flame protection bonnets

Science- Results from the DGUV biomonitoring study

Technical challenges and changes post incident

Presentation of the reference book "Einsatzhygiene"!