26.10.2021 VISION ZERO

Opening of the first part of the A+A Vision Zero Days

Welcome Address

Our Worldwide Network for Safety, Health an Wellbeing: The Special Commission on Prevention (DE)

Creating a new Mindset

Supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals and International Labour Standards

Safety - Health - Wellbeing: 3 Pillars of VISION ZERO

Wellbeing at Work: the Future Challenge

Q + A

Welcome Address part 2

From Zero Vision to Vision Zero: a Commitment from the CEO

A Matter close to Heart, A Mission for life

Small Companies: The Employer is the Key

Small Companies: A Leadership Experience

Q + A part 2

Toolbox to Implement the 7 Golden Rules

The Way Forward: the VISION ZERO Proactive Leading Indicators

OSH Opportunities and Challenges Brought about by Digitalization – Hong Kong experience

final Q + A session