Exhibitor testimonials A+A 2023

Philipp Stanke, Verkaufsleiter, Markus Schubert, Business Unit Manager Boplan Deutschland GmbH, Großostheim, Germany
BOPLAN designs, develops and produces fall and collision protection systems. Philipp Stanke provides detailed information: "Our solutions protect people from accidents. We not only provide the material, but also advise and identify problematic areas. Our main industries are automotive and logistics." Markus Schubert adds, "We are regular exhibitors at A+A and have been able to acquire many new customers this way. We would like to tap into new market potential outside our usual sectors, as our product is universal and we can integrate our systems practically anywhere. A+A provides us with this extensive market access."
Kevin Baddil, Marketing Manager, NEOFEU, Beauvallon, France
The French company specializes in equipment against fall. The products are developed, designed and produced in-house in France, Italy, Tunisia and Dubai. Mr. Baddil tells: "NEOFEU is a traditional company and was founded in the 50s. In the past, we also produced firefighting equipment. Today, we are specialized and take advantage of synergies by joining the PMS Group in 2018." Accordingly, the company is regularly represented at A+A. The marketing manager explains, "Our presence pushes our business, because we initiate new customer business here and meet existing customers for a personal exchange." He takes a positive view of the future: "Contrary to the general economic situation, the company is developing positively because there is no skimping on safety."
Ania Martins, Marketing and Sales Department, MARTIFORM, Braga, Portugal
The entrepreneur, Ania Martins, founded her company MARTIFORM together with partners five years ago. The drive and motivation was to combine aspects such as functionality with good style and fashion. Ms. Martins explains: "People want to feel good at work and want to look as good as they do in private, without having to compromise on clothes." Good quality at a moderate price is the recipe for success, she says. She says: "Our offer is very good in terms of value for money. After the start-up phase, we conquered the national market in Spain and Portugal and are now growing internationally." She is using her time at A+A to make global contacts especially.
Tetsuki Morishita, Export Sales Manager, ATOM Corporation Protective Gloves Manufacturer, Hiroshima, Japan
Tetsuki Morishita from Japan is thrilled from the first day and looking forward to the coming days at A+A in Düsseldorf: "Our journey was very long, as you can imagine. The time change, little sleep and on top of that, it's already super busy at our stand and that's only shortly after the fair opened. But my adrenaline is pushing me." The Sales Manager is motivated and describes his mission: "Our strategy is to find a separate sales force for each country where we sell our products. A+A is the perfect place because all the relevant players in the industry meet here." ATOM Corporation's core business is work gloves such as rubberised gloves, anti-vibration gloves, oil-resistant gloves, anti-slip gloves or cut-resistant gloves.
Giuseppe Bettanin, Sales Manager & Product Specialist, Scamosceria Astico S.r.l., Thiene (VI) - Italy
Scamosceria Astico has been on the market for over 70 years and is internationally known for High Performance Leather. The products are exported to 40 countries. Special properties include resistance to corrosion, water and fire. Guiseppe Bettanin explains, "A+A is very important for us because almost every shoe manufacturer here at the show buys from us. Because of the market niche we are in, there is little competition. That's why we have a lot of appointments and take care of our regular customers." The family-owned company is growing steadily, with the safety sector in particular being resistant to crises. The sales manager is also optimistic about the future: "Workwear has to keep certain standards, which is why companies don't cut corners in the area and rely on quality suppliers like us."
Jens Müller, Kind Arbeitssicherheit GmbH, Großburgwedel, Germany
The company Kind Arbeitssicherheit GmbH specializes in personal protective equipment for industries such as chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, waste disposal, remediation and cleaning. Jens Müller explains the sales strategy: "We sell our products exclusively through specialist retailers. An important goal here at A+A is to get the attention of end customers in addition to the trade, so that they ask for us in the specialized trade." The salesman describes end customers as safety officers from companies who are responsible for equipping the workforce. He adds: "We keep our product portfolio constant and customize it as needed. This is efficient and enables a top price-performance ratio."
Christian Grusa, Organizational Development, Evi Delbeck, Marketing/Vertriebsinnendienst BAAK GmbH & Co. KG, Straelen, Deutschland
Beim Sicherheitsschuh-Experten BAAK hat sich in den vergangenen Jahren viel getan. Evi Delbeck erläutert die Veränderungen: „Wir haben unsere Markenidentität inklusive Logo weiterentwickelt und umgesetzt. Das spiegelt sich in unserem Messestand wider, auf den wir sehr stolz sind." Christian Grusa ergänzt: „Wir stellen die Gesundheit des Menschen in den Mittelpunkt unserer Produktentwicklung und Unternehmensführung. Unser „Go & Relax-System“ ist einzigartig und berücksichtigt das natürliche Abroll- und Abknick-Verhalten des Fußes.“ Beide sind sich einig, dass die A+A die wichtigste Messe für BAAK ist. Die Marketing-Managerin spricht über ein zentrales Zukunftsprojekt: „Im nächsten Jahr werden wir mit unserem Onlineshop unter Einbindung unserer Handelspartner einen neuen Vertriebsweg erschließen. Nachhaltiges und verantwortungsvolles Handeln praktizieren wir nicht nur gegenüber der Kundschaft, sondern allen Kooperationspartnern gegenüber."
Kerstin Stieghorst, CEO, Nierhaus Marke Wohltat, Bad Salzuflen, Germany
Kerstin Stieghorst has been an exhibitor at A+A for 10 years and is looking forward to many meetings with existing and new customers. She says: "The focus of our trade show presence is clearly on acquiring new international customers. Nowhere else, except at A+A, can I meet so many prospective customers from all over the world." In terms of sustainability, the entrepreneur can score with credible arguments: "We produce exclusively in Germany. I don't know any competitor who does that." Nierhaus GmbH was founded by the grandfather. Originally, the company supplied the mining industry, but this has since changed significantly in favor of other sectors, such as the construction industry.