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3M in attendance at A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf

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3M in attendance at A+A 2023 in Düsseldorf

A+A, taking place October 24 - 27, 2023 in Düsseldorf is the world's leading trade fair for personal protection, occupational and health safety in the workplace. At the event, 3M will showcase a range of safety solutions for workers in multiple industries including construction, metalworking, chemical and pharmaceutical. The multi-technology group can be found in Hall 10, Stand F68.

3M is proud to present a selection of new Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) at the fair, highlighting their commitment to improve worker safety through continuous product development. Presenting safety solutions through a segmented approach, workers in multiple applications and industries can find a complete suite of products ideal for their working environment. 3M has a deep understanding of the requirements and need in multiple industries and has developed a range of solutions with these workers in mind. The spectrum of PPE ranges from product highlights for the metal industry and construction to solutions for handling hazardous substances.

What you breathe matters. Choose Wisely.
3M has been a leader in Respiratory Protection for over 50 years, protecting workers in multiple applications and industries. 3M is proud to launch its latest education program, developed to help managers reduce their workers' exposure to hazardous airborne particles in the workplace. The campaign, titled "What you breathe matters; Choose Wisely" focuses upon the importance of selecting high quality respiratory protection, ensuring it is fitted correctly and worn during all periods of potential exposure.

Sustainability in Focus
This year a core aspect of A+A is the topic of sustainability. 3M has a core aim of making their production, as well as its products and solutions, more sustainable. This involves critically reviewing the impact of products over the entire product life cycle, from packaging to disposal. 3M also wants to manufacture more products within Europe to avoid long and energy-intensive transport routes. At the fair, visitors will be able to see the steps 3M is taking to make safety more sustainable.

New Products, new Solutions
3M will be introducing a range of new, innovative safety solutions at A+A. For example, the 3M DBI-SALA XE series harnesses offering height workers enhanced comfort and a range of innovative features to enhance productivity. Also on display will be the new 3M Secure Click Reusable Full Face Mask FF-800 Series, the next generation of 3M reusable respirators. Featuring a seatbelt style filter connection and innovative seal check button, 3M Secure Click FF-800 gives workers confidence in a click.

More Hearing Protection
For workers requiring hearing protection, 3M is presenting their new 3M PELTOR Professional In-Ear Communication Headset PIC 100 for industrial applications at A+A. It features ambient noise listening technology and offers hearing protection with Bluetooth connectivity and an innovative on-demand fitting test.
Welding Safety
On display at A+A will be the new fifth generation of 3M Speedglas welding masks, developed in close cooperation with welders and safety engineers, to ensure comfort without compromise. This includes the G5-01, a welding helmet with powered air respirator for use in heavy duty environments. Also on display will be the G5-02, the world first curved glass ADF in a welding helmet for maximum viewing area. Finally, visit the booth to catch a glimpse of the newest welding helmet in the Speedglas range.

Live Demo at the 3M Booth
The 3M DBI-SALA Davit Systems HC (High Capacity), designed for entry into and recovery from manholes and confined spaces, can be seen live at the 3M booth at A+A. 3M will be offering interactive live demonstrations of the system in action during the fair, showcasing the range of improvements which have been made to exceed the demands of an ever-changing working environment.

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