DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG

DÜPERTHAL connect - monitoring manager enables you to monitor relevant parameters of your storage locations 24/7

The monitoring manager enables preventive, cross-site monitoring of security-relevant parameters at various storage locations, including the option of transmitting information to e.g. the control center for the protection of personnel and inventory.

The combination of software (SaaS) and hardware enables as a modular online 24/7 cloud monitoring standardized control of:
Temperatures, fill levels, ventilation functions, door status (alternatively backdraft protection)
at storage locations or sensitive storage situations, such as safety cabinets.

The monitoring hardware components also each have a potential-free contact for local on-site connection, e.g. to a fire alarm system (BMA).

The combination of hardware components (sensors) and software (browser-based) for monitoring is new and unique in this form. The digital twins of the hardware components are located and configured in the software. In addition to the messages - divided into indications and warnings - stock levels can also be managed.

A tool that can already be used today to make processes future-proof and at the same time more efficient.

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