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Discover Graphito, Candiani's new responsible high-tech denim

Candiani, the Italian premium denim manufacturer, is strongly focused on a series of innovative projects. This is one of the reasons why the company was just granted today with ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award 2023 during ITMA, the international textile machine trade show that kicked off today in Milan, at Rho-Pole trade show and will take place until June 14.

Along with this acknowledgement, today Candiani has also disclosed Graphito, a new highly functional and versatile though responsible, denim.

The special denim combines the technical performances of G+, a very pure graphene obtained without the use of any chemical and produced according to a very low-impact process, and added with the fabric-ennobling characteristics of Kitotex. Both technologies are patented and add Graphito's characteristics that other apparently similar denims don't have.

The new denim was developed thanks to a partnership with Directa Plus, an Italian company based in Lomazzo, in Northern Italy, at a few kilometers from Candiani's headquarters. Directa Plus is one of the largest worldwide producers and suppliers of graphene-based products for consumer and industrial markets. 

Graphene is considered as the lightest, the strongest and the best heat and electricity conductor material known until now.

In particular G+ Graphene Plus is a patented Made in Italy material that claims to be the purest and the most crystalline form of Pristine Graphene Nanoplatelets as every gram of graphite, from whose graphene is produced, is directly transformed into a gram of Graphene Plus through a waste-free process entirely based on physical processing, without the use of chemicals or solvents.

G+ is certified totally safe, skin-friendly, non-toxic and non-cytotoxic substance, and it is considered as the safest among different graphene materials. Moreover, it stands out for its sustainable transformation process, and it can be easily integrated into a wide range of products and industrial processes.

G+ Graphene Plus is currently applied in various industrials fields, including the textile sector, as the G+ technology is applied to enhance thermal comfort and provide garments with key antistatic and bacteriostatic effects.

The substance has also antiviral and antibacterial properties as it is non-toxic and skin-friendly, as, according to tests, for instance, an impregnated cotton fabric can reduce the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 by 98%, meeting the need for highly functional personal protective equipment to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

By impregnating Candiani Denim fabrics with G+Graphene Plus, its antiviral and antibacterial shield activity protects jeans and allows to wear them longer times than conventional jeans before washing them.

According to tests carried ahead jeans worn in different working conditions, results show that in five days G+ reduces the bacterial load up to 50% if compared with regular denim. Moreover, G+ antimicrobial activity has also increased over time, meaning that consumers can wear their jeans way for longer before washing from an estimated avarage of every 2.5 days to about ten days before washing them. Therefore, the use of water for a pair of jeans can lower by 75% in its whole lifetime from an estimated about 800 liters of water (according to Levi's estimates) to about 150 liters.

Thanks to G+ cooling properties that help indicatively lower the feeling of warmth of at least about 1 °C and homogenize the distribution of the warmth through the garment's surface, and for its antibacterial and antiviral properties, jeans made with Graphito denim can be worn almost all-year long.

In order to add more natural beauty to the fabric surface, Candiani's denim is also  added with Kitotex, a vegetal-based treatment that adds a natural lucid aspect to its fibers after they are dyed, without harming the environment.

After tests, Graphito denim's properties remain unchanged for at least 20 washes and after that, their properties diminish to about 90%, therefore remain high.

This new achievement can help the environment significantly, as it can help the industry and the consumer lower their impact and educate them to get more from their jeans without washing them as often as they could think necessary. 

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