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Discover the new Skin Care Programme

You may use numerous tools, machines and utensils in the course of your work, but often your hands remain the main tool for completing your tasks. While you strive every day to perform your job with maximum efficiency, it is your hands that are on the front line and in daily contact with numerous external agents and substances that can threaten their health.

Sometimes we neglect hand care in the belief that our hands have a potentially infinite resistance to aggression. Their skin does indeed have an extraordinary capacity to resist and regenerate, but repeated attacks from chemicals, extreme temperatures and frequent washing can damage its integrity.

When this happens, the consequences can be particularly dangerous and lead to the development of serious occupational diseases. Among the most common are contact dermatitis caused by detergents, chemicals, oils and greases, but also erythematous dermatoses, skin tumours and allergic hives. These pathological conditions create significant discomfort, to the extent that they impede the performance of the profession. In addition, the discomfort they cause is also linked to the poor aesthetic impact of damaged, flaky and irritated hands, which become a less than positive calling card for others. In addition, recent studies show that the disfiguring effect of many dermatitis can have a ruinous psychological impact, resulting in depression and reduced social interaction.

These are the reasons that led Nettuno to devote itself not only to the production of hand care solutions, but also to the active promotion of the culture of hygiene and prevention in the workplace. In order to offer professionals an effective and practical system for the protection, washing and care of workers' hands, Nettuno has created the Skin Care Board.

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