Scilabub Limited

Liquid Nitrogen Tests / Product Development Using Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic Gloves

Scilabub Frosters Cryogenic Gloves shown protecting technicians whilst transferring liquid nitrogen (typically ranging from -120°C to -190°C) to a dewar during new product development.

The gloves have long been used in laboratories and hospitals where dexterity is of great importance, for example when handling items stored in the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen.

Now, with the increase in other applications including the transportation, loading and unloading of LNG, Scilabub are supporting users by developing a glove that focuses on being harder wearing and therefore more suited to the applications on such ships and tankers.

Material testing has been underway for some time with the view to a new product launch in 2023 that will expand the range to suit demand & offer more choice to a growing range of industries.

Exhibitor Data Sheet