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n recent years, there are many industries in which the number of self-employed workers performing highly specialized activities in a manner independent of an organization has grown exponentially. These are professionals devoted to technical or craft activities, who may own their own place of business or workshop, but who often operate out of a specific location, moving within a more or less wide territorial area. Within their area of expertise, these workers thus also work at their clients' locations, performing the tasks in which they specialize within homes, factories, construction sites, industrial sheds, or private property. Among the most common jobs that can be done on a self-employed basis are those of mechanics, carpenters, home builders, gardeners, electricians, or locksmiths, but it is also auto body repairers, welders, and window and door fitters who are often active outside of a fixed work setting. Even when these professionals are framed as employees, the nature of their work often requires willingness to travel and commute to workplaces outside the companies with which they work. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you will certainly have already addressed a key issue: how do you manage safety and hygiene in these situations? 

Safety first, even off-site
The occupational risks (injuries, illnesses, etc.) to which you are exposed when working in these ways are the same as those faced by workers inside companies, indeed they often exceed them. Indeed, outside the places set aside for professional activity, it is difficult to take advantage of personal protective equipment, and it is also difficult to maintain the best standards of hygiene. Although you can take advantage of the safety of compliant equipment even "off-site," often the ever-changing contexts in which you are immersed make risk and hygiene management more problematic, including hand hygiene, which is critical if you operate through craft skills. In fact, thoroughly cleansing your hands is essential in any context, to remove dirt and residue from the work you have done and to protect a part of the body that seems to have infinite strength, but is instead extremely fragile. 

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