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Professional drying and storage racks for the fire service

Being constantly surrounded by hazardous chemicals creates an extremely risky work environment. In the fire industry, men and women are confronted with these dangers and risks on a daily basis. Think, for example, of chemical vapors, gases, explosive mixtures and dangerous particles that swirl in the air.

In these types of environments, it is important that employees walk around in firefighting clothing, or in case of chemical fires: gas suits, chemical suits or freeflow suits. These personal protective equipment guarantee the safety of the emergency services. In addition to the most well-known activities of fighting (chemical) fires and providing assistance in the event of accidents, many fire brigades also have a diving team.

The diving team is deployed in various water accidents and each diver has his own personal equipment for this: a diving suit, diving set, stab jacket, gloves and mask. To guarantee the quality and longevity of all types of firefighting clothing, the drying process is of great importance.

Pronomar’s products are extremely suitable for drying and storing fire, gas and diving suits. The suits are dried by a large amount of warm air circulating through a stainless steel frame and hangers. In addition, Pronomar also has drying cabinets, dripping racks, storage systems, boot cleaners and much more to complete your drying or changing room.

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