Rossini Trading Spa

Rossini Trading: Sustainability, Respect, Excellence and Safety

It all began back in 1969 with a small workshop producing work clothes; today Rossini is considered one of the most important players on the market, dressing thousands of professionals in durable, high-quality fabrics and accessories for more than 50 years. The Italian company’s success stems from its in-depth knowledge of the working world and the needs of those who, day in and day out, need to protect themselves while simultaneously dressing comfortably. Over the years Rossini has expanded production, adapting it to the needs of workers and new technical advances, so as to offer accident-prevention solutions for even the most extreme conditions. First and foremost, the implementation of an automated and computerized management system for production. 

In addition, operations have been optimized, increasing productivity and ensuring more accurate and timely management. The Rossini warehouse is an example of innovation in logistics management. Fully automated and managed by radio frequency, it has been carefully designed to optimize space and facilities, control inventory, and track lots quickly and effectively, improving customer service. Rossini will also introduce a new automated warehouse in 2024, which will double the volume of goods shipped from the current 28,000 packages per day to 56,000. This innovation will ensure not only a high level of handling efficiency, but also improve the well-being of the operators involved.

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