Paul H. Kübler Bekleidungswerk GmbH & Co. KG


As a family-owned company, we take our social responsibility very seriously and design our entire value chain according to strict social, ecological and economic principles.
Here you can find out which goals we are pursuing in the area of sustainability and which projects we are already implementing today.

At KÜBLER, we are aware of our responsibility as one of the market-leading manufacturers in our industry, which is why we place a high priority on sustainable actions and decisions that take social, economic and ecological concerns into account.

For this reason, we have drawn up a policy statement that sets out our company-wide understanding of sustainability and compliance as well as our requirements in this regard for suppliers and service providers. Our aim is thus to anchor the concept of sustainability even more firmly as an integral part of all corporate activities.

We are licensed for the Green Button.

The Green Button is a government seal for sustainably produced textiles. It sets binding requirements for protecting people and the environment in the textile production process. 46 demanding social and environmental criteria must be met - from A for wastewater limits to Z for a ban on forced labor.

What is special about the Green Button is that, in addition to the product, there is always a check on whether the company as a whole is fulfilling its human rights and environmental due diligence obligations in the textile supply chain. The state sets the criteria and conditions for the Green Button. Independent inspection bodies monitor compliance with the criteria.

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