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Sunscreen dispenser instead of disinfectant dispenser? eco elio has the solution!

Sunburn and increasing UV exposure are among the main causes of skin cancer.
The recently installed sunscreen dispensers in public places in the Netherlands are one way to counteract this. And in Munich, too, the debate is circulating about setting up free dispensers in open-air swimming pools or at bathing lakes. The Esslingen-based start-up eco elio already offers the right concept for just such purposes.
What is known as a disinfectant dispenser from hotels, restaurants or events can just as easily be filled with sunscreen. The Netherlands is leading the way: Dispensers with free sunscreen can now be found in schools, sports clubs and on the beach there. This benefits both society and health.

The Esslingen-based brand eco elio has a similar vision in this context: to curb the rising numbers of skin cancer cases without being another burden on the planet. eco elio with SPF 50 is a particularly skin- and environmentally-friendly sunscreen with an innovative packaging system - because one thing is particularly important to the two founders: sun protection should be part of the daily routine in a very uncomplicated way. The reusable eco elio pump dispenser makes it child's play to dispense the cream and, when placed in a clearly visible position in the bathroom or hallway, will entice the user to use it habitually after a very short time.

Since this concept is ideal not only for the home but also for outdoor events, eco elio has developed a floor stand that can be placed anywhere together with the pump dispenser. The advantage: with a 500 ml refill bag, the dispenser can be refilled hygienically at any time - not only practical, but also sustainable. In addition, the cream is tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) and is therefore suitable for all skin types, face and body (from 2 years).

The floor display with pump dispenser can already be found in a number of places. For example, in kindergartens or the AREA 47, the largest outdoor and amusement park in Austria. There, eco elio is now in use for the second season. The employees were trained in advance in cooperation with a dermatologist and educated about the product as well as sun protection in general. Eco elio also served its purpose at this year's MediMeisterschaften. "As an event by and for (prospective) medics:in, sun protection and skin cancer prevention are important topics for us, which also and especially need to be remembered in the context of a festival. Thanks to eco elio, we had a practicable, easy-to-dose and at the same time environmentally friendly solution here, which helped us to effectively protect the skin of our participant:s," summarizes Nele Nienkarken from the organizing team of the MediMeisterschaften.

About eco elio:
eco elio, a brand of Scheller Cosmetics GmbH, pursues an innovative, particularly sustainable concept in the field of sunscreen with pure protection for the skin. The founders Matthias Scheller and Trent Huon developed their idea in co-operation with the renowned dermatologist Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Wolfgang G. Philipp-Dormston and were named "Start-up of the Year 2022" by the medical journal DISKURS Dermatologie just a few months after entering the market.

The goal of eco elio:
To effectively counteract the rising numbers of skin cancers without being another burden on the planet. Their means of choice: raising awareness of the need for a daily UV protection routine and a sunscreen that is equally good for the skin and our environment. eco elio avoids fragrances, nanoparticles, octocrylene as well as microplastics, among other things. The scientifically based formula has been tested and recommended by the German Allergy and Asthma Association (DAAB) and is therefore suitable for sensitive skin.
Made in Germany.

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