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This can prevent accidents at work due to tripping, slipping, falling

SRS accidents - trips, slips, falls - are among the most common types of workplace accidents in Germany. In 2020 alone, around 153,000 reportable workplace accidents occurred - accidents, in other words, that were so severe that the employee concerned was absent for more than three days. As a result, there were not only six fatalities, but also about 3,000 new accident retirements due to SRS accidents. "Companies still underestimate the consequences of SRS accidents," knows Anna Ganzke, an expert in occupational safety.

"The problem is that hazards are more likely to be perceived at a machine. But even small tripping hazards are enough to upset our flow of movement." A legally necessary instrument, she says, is the risk assessment - a central element in company occupational safety. It is created in cooperation between a manager, a safety engineer and an occupational safety specialist, ideally in cooperation with employees and, if available, the works council and the company doctor. In the following, Anna Ganzke gives five tips on how companies can properly prevent fall accidents in the workplace.

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