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Universal-fit ear protection // JRENUM® Work Universal VC

The Jrenum® Work Universal VC is a universal hearing protection system that fits almost perfectly in any ear. Externally and in terms of comfort it hardly differs from customized systems. The basis for our universal housing designs was created by digitally "overlaying" hundreds of different ear molds. At the end of the development process, the result was an InEar ear protection that is almost perfectly adapted to the anatomy of the ear. The advantages of such a hearing protection are obvious: a perfect fit without taking an ear impression. State of the art - As the name suggests, the JRENUM® Work Universal VC a top-of-the-line model - and at the same time so variable that you can use it in almost any noise environment. You can choose between three different attenuation performances. We have also placed particular emphasis on handling: The Universal has a detachable connection cord, is easy to insert into the ear and just as easy to clean and maintain. JRENUM® Work Universal VC - your hearing simply deserves it.

> Universal-fit
> No ear impression & function check necessary
> High wearing comfort
> Various filters & ear tip sizes available

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