Sir Safety System S.p.A.

Urania BSF, absorbs shocks and provides stability.

A whole new range of safety footwear with ESD protection, Urania BSF series.
Consisting of seven models, it combines the concept of universal elegance with that of safety in an excellent way. It aims to meet different needs for different types of activity without sacrificing fit. Universal and versatile, the design of these shoes proves to be even more modern in the combinations of uppers and details that diversify the various models offered in the extensive series. Designed to ensure greater comfort, thanks to the use of new technologies in terms of materials employed. In fact, it is the BASF® polyurethanes of which the sole and outsole are made that ensure stability and anti-shock effect.

A varied range to meet the needs of a wide range of workers. Designed to meet the demand for elegant yet comfortable footwear, the Urania BSF series aims at universality in terms of the types of offered models but also in terms of the needs to be met. The seven models that make up the series range from the ultra-breathable S1P sandal to the low shoe with S3 protection level, passing through a total white, S3 proposal with elastic laces. The latter is a detail that should not be overlooked, as the elastic laces allow the footwear to be easily removed without the use of hands and are therefore particularly suitable in healthcare or food handling/processing environments.

The benefits of BASF® innovation are all expressed in the material of which the outsole and midsole is made. The use of BASF® polyurethane makes these shoes practical and stable, with slip-resistant SRC-grade, able to absorb shocks. The self-cleaning and highly draining pattern of the outsole guarantees high stability even in the presence of liquids. They are particularly suitable in situations of prolonged use thanks to the Fly Foam footbed. This one, made of a bi-component Memory PU foam material with constant thickness, ensures greater comfort.

The upper, made of the latest-generation technological materials, offer a high level of comfort in terms of breathability and elasticity. The modern profile and elastic qualities make them easily adaptable to the anatomy of the foot. Flexible, soft but at the same time resistant to external agents such as dirt and hydrocarbons. Such details are complemented by reflex inserts, highly resistant materials and their insulating capacities, which make the Urania BSF footwear series particularly suitable for outdoor environments and rough terrain.

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