WandelWerker Consulting GmbH

WandelWerker Consulting GmbH: Sustainable occupational safety for companies

Occupational safety is an important topic. To ensure that people are exposed to as few hazards as possible at their workplace, there are a lot of regulations that companies have to comply with. Nevertheless, employers also have an interest in ensuring that nothing happens to their employees and that they are not absent, explain founders Anna Ganzke and Stefan Ganzk from WandelWerker Consulting GmbH. Despite everything the measures for industrial safety are felt in some enterprises as annoying and that now and then times something happens, as inevitable regarded. What many people don't realize is that all occupational accidents are preventable, especially those caused by behavior, which account for around 90 percent of all occupational accidents. Anna and Stefan Ganzke from WandelWerker Consulting GmbH have combined behavioral psychology findings and innovative approaches to take workplace safety to a whole new level.

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