ZAGO SRL Moulds Solutions

10 Good Reasons to Choose ZAGO Direct Injection MOULDS

Ten Good Reasons why world producers of Safety shoes footwear choose Zago moulds:
1) The possibility of following the design step by step;
2) Avant-garde technology to verify the “fitting” of steel caps with lasts supplied by clients even before the design;
3) Advanced solutions for injecting the work-shoe with PU, PU-PU, TPU-PU, RUBBER-PU, PU-PU/TPU, RUBBER-RUBBER/PU;
4) The possibility of injecting PU both in aluminium lasts and plastic lasts, certain of results;
5) Precision in going from one cut to another, and 100% faithful reproduction of duplicate moulds;
6) Knowledge of DIN regulations and requisites to be respected in the particular construction of moulds for work footwear;
7) Maximum speed in producing duplicate moulds when requested after completion of a series;
8) Final testing with injection of footwear that is sent to the client with the moulds, ensuring a successful result;
9) The certainty of obtaining exactly what was requested in the times established;
10) Production started without wasting a single day.