10 Steps to Implementing OSH Software

Even the best software is ineffective when not implemented correctly. The
author of this on-line article has seen a variety of procedures used to
implement software. Some have worked brilliantly, while others resulted in
exorbitant costs and requirements never being met. The purpose of the article
is to identify key items that should be addressed during implementation and to
provide some of the lessons learned from my experience in OSH software.

Properly implementing software is no simple task. Even the best software will
fail miserably when not implemented properly. You must have the right
individuals on your project team to increase the odds of success.

The author has identified the most common steps that should be reviewed to
avoid typical pitfalls, ensuring the project is completed within the budget and
timeline agreed to and not only meets the technical scope, but is well received
by the users. If done properly, the entire process should only take a few
months, depending on the complexity and size of your project.

The process has been distilled down into the following 10 crucial steps:

1. Assembling the appropriate team.

2. Project definition and planning.

3. Reporting.

4. Codes/initial configuration.

5. Integrations.

6. Data migration.

7. Testing.

8. Training.

9. Pilot project.

10. Rollout.

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