Brüel & Kjaer GmbH

2-Channel Sound Level Meter Type 2270

Hand-held Analyzer Type 2270 is designed as an advanced solution for sound and vibration measurement, analysis and recording. Built on the award winning Type 2250 design, Type 2270 continues to blend the best of today’s hand-held technologies with over 60 years of experience in sound and vibration measurement solutions.

The design philosophy of Type 2270 is to speedily present the operator with the measurement result in the palm of his hand. This philosophy is carried through to each of the application modules currently available for Type 2270:

• Sound Level Meter application
• Real-time frequency analysis
• Logging (noise level profiling)
• Sound and vibration recording
• FFT analysis of sound and vibration
• Reverberation time measurement
• ...and more

The unmistakable look and styling of Type 2270 with it’s black background keyboard and high resolution colour touch screen can overshadow a number of more discrete yet equally significant distinctions which make Type 2270 a versatile performer.