2004 Executive Forecast for Environmental Protection

In the January issue of Environmental Protection, several leaders in the
environmental field peer into their crystal balls and offer predictions about
trends in the environmental industry.

In "The Future of Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturing," Stephen Rowe with
GE Power Systems' Environmental Services Group predicts that the European and
North American markets will continue to move toward an in-process approach to
reducing nitrogen oxides emissions instead of relying on post-combustion
control technologies.

Lawrence Goldenhersh, JD, with the environmental technology company Enviance,
writes in his forecast, "Would you think of sending a document that wasn't
spell checked? Because managers recognize that the consequences of 'missing a
spelling error' in their Title V reports is significant, we expect this coming
year to bring a dramatically increased use of Internet-based systems [for Title
V reporting]."

EISENMANN Corp.'s Mark West discusses the future of the air pollution control
market. In his opinion, many of the products on the market today are copycat
versions of older ideas. "Companies that will lead the marketplace in 2004 and
beyond will be the ones that continue to innovate and invest in research and
development," he writes. "The leaders will be the companies that invest for the
future and try to add value beyond the status quo."

Finally, Hal Alper with MYCELX offers a bit of humor with "Top Ten Reasons the
Environment Will Decline in 2004."

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