Kimberly Clark Professional

23.04.2009 KLEENGUARD* Hearing Protection makes comfort a priority

“The new KLEENGUARD* Hearing Protection range delivers comfort and ease of use to the market,” says Brian Davis, Category Manager for Hearing Protection, KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL*. “Throughout the development of this range, users of hearing protection identified those issues as their top priority.”

All the new hearing protection products are made using a soft foam free from silicone, latex or phthalates, which is designed to conform to the ear canal opening and minimizes the potential risk of allergic reactions. Also, as the foam comes in a high visibility colour, it is easier to monitor compliance.

The KLEENGUARD* H50 Multiple-use Ear Clips use a unique clip engineered to ensure they stay securely in place without interference with other PPE.

KLEENGUARD* H30 Multiple-use ComfortFlex Earplugs have a unique tapered design so that the user does not have to put the foam in and wait for it to expand, - but they give immediate protection as soon as it is in the ear. They are also re-usable and each pair comes in an individual case to maintain high hygiene standards.

KLEENGUARD* H20 Reusable Earplugs are a more traditionally styled option, designed for easier holding and donning and every pair comes in a convenient and hygienic resealable bag.

KLEENGUARD* H10 is a high visible, disposable earplugs made from soft roll down foam for easy insertion. Ideal for visitors, each pair is individually bagged and they are available in a wall mounted dispenser box for ease of use.

All the KLEENGUARD* Hearing Protection products are available in corded and uncorded options.

“We’ve taken a hard look at this market and introduced real innovation into this category,” says Brian Davis. “For example, our KLEENGUARD* H50 Multiple-use Ear Clip offers a unique form of hearing protection with its patent pending design. Unlike many of its competitors, it uses minimal pressure to keep the ear plug in place and works using the outer flap of the ear. Extensive trials have been carried out with employees at Kimberly-Clark’s manufacturing sites and this has shown the new design is highly effective and provides excellent protection with unrivalled comfort.”

The new range is being launched simultaneously across Europe. “The new KLEENGUARD* Hearing Protection range is ideal for anyone in the engineering, construction or any industry where they are exposed to noise levels above 80dB. We have taken a fresh look at the whole category of protection equipment and have designed an innovative product that is a real step forward in quality, safety and comfort.”

The KLEENGUARD* Hearing Protection range can be purchased using product codes 67210, 67212 (H10 Range); 67220, 67221 (H20 Range), 67227, 67228 (H30 Range) 67235, 67236 (H50 Range), from KIMBERLY-CLARK PROFESSIONAL* distributors.