28 April 2008: World Day for Safety and Health at Work

The world of work is to mark the World Day for Safety and Health at Work this
year on 28 April, amid a new call by the International Labour Office (ILO) for
managing risks in the work environment to reduce both the human and the
economic burdens of work-related accidents and ill health.

In a new report published on the occasion of the World Day entitled "My life,
my work, my safe work: Managing risk in the work environment”, the ILO listed
risk management techniques which identify, anticipate and assess hazards and
risks and take positive action to control and reduce them.

ILO Director-General Juan Somavia said, "Millions of work related accidents,
injury and disease annually take their toll on human lives, businesses, the
economy and the environment. We know that by assessing risks and hazards,
combating them at source and promoting a culture of prevention we can
significantly reduce workplace illness and injuries."

The ILO says globally 2.2 million people die annually from work-related
accidents and diseases and work-related deaths appear to be on the rise.
Moreover, each year an estimated 270 million people suffer non-fatal,
work-related accidents resulting in at least three days absence from work and
an additional 160 million new people suffer from some work-related illness.

"There is clear evidence that healthy workforces both enhance business
productivity and benefit enterprises and national economies by reducing the
number of accidents and diseases and lowering the number of insurance and
compensation claims", says Dr. Sameera Al-Tuwaijri, Director of the ILO's
Safework Department.

In 2003, the ILO began to observe the World Day for Safety and Health, bringing
its tripartite strength and social dialogue to the International Commemoration
Day for Dead and Injured Workers organized worldwide by the trade union
movement since 1996 and coordinated by the International Trade Union Federation

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