Permalight AG

35 hours: Escape, be safe!

Photoluminescent safety guidance systems are a combination of escape path outlining and safety signs that enable easy orientation and safe evacuation of building occupants in case of power failure or fire.
The all-new Permalight product line allows businesses to easily assemble a safety guidance system that meets their specific building and budget needs.
To fulfil the growing demands for increased safety, Permalight AG invests in ongoing research and development. Latest technologies allow Permalight to by far exceed the requirements of German standards DIN 67 510 and BGR 216.
The most recent development is the unique Permalight Powersystem - providing all the necessary components to create a high performance photoluminescent safety guidance system. The perfectly coordinated product range includes marking for doors, stairs, walls and floors. All products are made of aluminium and are therefore particularly form stable, durable and of low flammability.
Permalight offers excellent customer service that ranges from detailed telephone support in order to pick the best suited items, all the way to planning of a complete safety guidance system and, at customer's request, installation of the same. On-site visits may not always be necessary. Unique software solutions allow to safely equip businesses based on detailed photos.
Your 'PLUS' in safety: Excellent service combined with the new, perfectly coordinated Permalight Powersystem.
Permalight AG - your competend partner also for ships, tunnels and underground stations. Because especially in regard to high luminance, Permalight AG is worldwide your contact partner N°1!