3 Thermal Imaging Cameras EVOLUTION® - For every application the optimal TIC model

With MSA’s enhanced series of Thermal Imaging Cameras you can choose between three high-tech camera models. The three models feature the same ergonomic and lightweight design: <1.3 kg, robust components and extreme durability. Their image quality is best-in-class. Functions like instant-on, two different temperature sensitivity modes, Shutter Indicator, Quick-Temp and Heat Seeker PLUS are integrated into all TIC models. But, in addition, the individual features of each TIC model have been designed to meet the specific requirements of a variety of tasks and applications.

The innovative EVOLUTION 5200 HD features the most brilliant, high resolution images available. With its 320 x 240 pixels sensor and the optional 2x digital zoom, it is the perfect tool for challenging fire-fighting and police tasks.

The new EVOLUTION 5600 will also be available soon. It features state-of-the-art image resolution. Offering excellent value for money it is the optimal solution for applications requiring a speedy overview.

MSA’s all-rounder EVOLUTION 5200 offers high image quality and the widest viewing angle. Designed to meet various requirements, it is the best camera for a wide range of applications.

The practical modular system allows all three types of camera to be enhanced with a Video Transmission System or a Video Capture. The Video Transmission System gives the back-up team an insight into what is happening at the site of the fire in real time. Furthermore a unique Video Capture for documentation purposes can be easily adapted to all three cameras.