A Fact Sheet about Your Hearing Test

Many workers receive an audiogram (hearing test) at some point but what do the
results mean? A single page (two-sided) fact sheet, published by the
US-American Institute of Occuaptional Safety and Health, contains important
answers to frequent questions workers ask about their audiograms. It addresses
why workers should get regular audiograms, how to understand the results, and
why the results should be saved to help evaluate and maintain the worker's
hearing. It also has some basic information on the causes of hearing loss and
how to prevent it.

In detail the fact sheet covers:

  • What is an audiogram?
  • Why should I get audiograms?
  • Do I have normal hearing?
  • Sample audiogram results
  • What can cause my hearing to get worse?
  • How do I select and use hearing protectors?
  • How do I insert a foam earplug to help protect my hearing?

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AplusA-online.de - Source: National Institute of Occuaptional Safety and Health