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A Revolution – The 1-Strap FFP mask from Moldex

FFP 1-Strap mask

Using an FFP disposable mask has never been easier than with the NEW 1-Strap mask from Moldex. Developed as a result of extensive research and user trials the 1-Strap is set to revolutionise the FFP market.

As the name suggests it has only one strap - making its fit and removal quicker and easier than with any other FFP. The Flexi-Wing strap attachment, an advanced design, evenly disperses the support throughout the mask. Integral to this strap is a head harness, which ensures correct positioning as well as increasing wearer comfort and acceptance. The 1-Strap makes correct fitting almost foolproof.

Being exceptionally easy to put on it increases the likelihood of it being worn - important where workers need their mask intermittently throughout the day. The single strap and easy-to-grasp harness make it of particular benefit to those who use gloves or have difficulty with twin strap masks.

This unique and ergonomically designed respirator incorporates ActivForm® - a self-adjusting fitting system complete with a flexible foam nose seal. This combination significantly reduces inward leakage by automatically adjusting to different face shapes, unlike other disposable respirators, which rely on the user utilising the press-to-fit technique. The 1-Strap ensures a quick, secure fit upon contact. What’s more, in conjunction with the DuraMesh® shell, its shape and fit are retained throughout the working day. It does not require any adjustment by the user.

Specially designed to make use quicker and easier the 1-Strap comes in a choice of protection levels (FFP1 or FFP2) and is available with or without the Moldex patented Ventex®-Valve.