A footprint for the future - Sustainability

The Institute of Quality Assurance has publsihed an article proposing an
approach to sustainability that is focused on promoting change. The process
based approach to sustainability will assist organisations in this journey
towards greater sustainability and is based on the management system principles
familiar to many organisations.

An original process-based approach

If a process approach were to be adopted for sustainability, what would be the
key components in a sustainability management system? There are a number of key
building blocks that organisations seeking to become more sustainable should
consider adopting. These are:

  • identification of sustainability issues within the organisation
  • sustainability performance measurement and trends
  • stakeholder engagement, linkages and systems thinking
  • values and community issues o change management processes towards
  • vision and the future
  • governance and sustainability audits

The existence of these sustainability building blocks will give a good
indication of how the organisation is integrating such thinking into its

Sustainability management systems offer some clear benefits to organisations.
First, it enables organisations to identify opportunities for improvement in
their sustainability process. Second, the process will enable organisations to
identify areas where they are weak, and in certain instances where risk is
present. The process will also identify where resource -use can be reduced and
this will subsequently result in cost savings. Finally, the audit and review
process can be used to inform organisational development programmes, and
provide a sound basis for measuring performance.

Further Information

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