A new age in corporate branding

A new age in corporate branding has begun with the possibility of designing work wear and corporate jackets online through innovative software introduced by Brandvis. The company provides a 'design your own' workwear jacket service, offering around 12 standard styles of high-vis and corporate jackets that the user can then personalise to their exact requirements. The Brandvis site enables customers to go on-line to select multiple panel colour combinations, lining type, add optional extras like hoods, mobile phone pockets and ID card pouches. They can then add their own logo(s), playing around with size and position until they are happy with the design.

Once they are fully satisfied with a design they submit the chosen design for a sample. Within 24 hours Brandvis will have transformed their design into a 3D image utilizing innovative software. The customer can turn the image around to see it from all angles, zoom in on it and generally make sure that the garment will look how they want it. If they are happy with it they then confirm the order, which triggers the sampling process and a sample is produced within seven days. Once this is approved it is four to eight weeks until delivery of the main order.

Brandvis is still in its infancy having only being set up 24 months ago in Ireland and the idea began with the software. Brandvis founder looked for a product to apply it to and came up with workwear. He then looked at workwear jackets and saw a gap in the market for small numbers of personalised garments for SMEs, companies that might not be able to afford their own branding economically, and set out to give them the option to personalize their garments with volumes as low as 50 units.

High-vis might seem a strange choice, given the regulations that surround EN 471 certified garments but within these rules Brandvis saw additional opportunities. The software keeps track of the design as it is worked on, and lets the user know whether the garment is meeting the requirements of a Class 1, 2 or 3.
Brandvis has wholly-owned manufacturing facilities in China where the orders are produced. This was necessary, primarily for two reasons. Firstly Brandvis offers a high quality product and wanted to be in control of that quality and secondly because the company recognised the need for quick turnaround of small orders, which was unprecedented in the Chinese marketplace.

Brandvis trialed the concept on the Irish market, and then launched commercially in France where customers have included the construction, industry, logistics sectors and even ski operators. The next step is mainland UK and Germany this year where the company is actively seeking distributors. The service currently offers a range of high-vis and corporate jackets but the plan is to extend it across other product ranges in the near future.