A strategy for workplace health and safety in Great Britain to 2010 and beyond

The British Health and Safety Commission (HSC) has published a strategy what
sets out a new direction for the health and safety system and the roles of the
Health and Safety Executive (HSE) as well as local authorities, who also
enforce health and safety law. The strategy is designed to promote our vision:
to see health and safety as a cornerstone of a civilised society and, with
that, to achieve a record of workplace health and safety that leads the

The strategy confirms the intention to understand and value more the
contribution of others to improving health and safety - not just employers but
everyone including workers, their representative organisations and professional
bodies. To achieve that, we must engage with everyone who can contribute to its

In detail the strategy develops the following key points:

  • Developing closer partnerships
    • Working with and through others

  • Helping people to benefit from effective health and safety management and a
    sensible health and safety culture
    • Understanding the benefits of health and safety
    • Involving the workforce
    • Providing accessible advice and support

  • Focussing on our core business and the right interventions where we are
    best placed to reduce workplace injury and ill health
      Being clear about our priorities
    • An interventions strategy
    • Continuing to enforce where appropriate

  • Communicating the vision
    • Communicating effectively

  • What achieving the vision will look like
      Where we want to be in 10 years time
    • How stakeholders will behave in a new health and safety system

  • How we will deliver the strategy
    • Delivering priority outcomes through strategic programme

Further Information

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