Cresto Safety AB

About Cresto

Cresto constructs and develops user-friendly and innovative fall protection systems for use in situations
where there is a risk of free-fall. We offer fall protection
systems that are suitable for people who only use
fall protection occasionally, as well as for professionals
who use it continually in their work. Cresto’s product
range includes fall protection systems with fall protection harnesses, lines, blocks and hooks. We also have support equipment systems, rescue and evacuation equipment.

Our focus is professional users, primarily in the electricity and power sectors, construction, industry and the wind turbine sector. Our customers include Vestas, EON, Vattenfall, Alpine Energie, Scania, and SSAB. Countries in which Cresto’s products are sold include Germany, Austria,
Switzerland, Holland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia and Finland.

Our technical solutions and our designs make our products easy to use and, naturally, have all the security that personal fall protection equipment should provide. A signifi cant proportion of Cresto’s activities comprises services and training, service and installation.
Cresto is a registered trademark that is developed and marketed by Skydda Protecting People Europe AB. Skydda has specialised in personal protective equipment since 1976 and now offers
complete packages to minimise injuries and health risks in the workplace. Skydda is part of the B&B Tools Group.

Please visit us at stand no 5B42

For further information, please contact:
Cresto Safety AB
Jonas Cedås – CEO
Mobile: +46(0)709-68 74 26
e-mail: jonas@cresto.se