Rostaing S.A.


The ROSTAING saga started in 1789 and is still ongoing.
As a tanner in the 1950s, Rostaing created its range of gloves for gardening and repair and then included protective gloves in the 70s.
Ever since, ROSTAING S.A. has constantly designed industrial gloves suited to the requirements of the customer. Specialized in activities relating to cutting, heat, cold, as well as hazardous activities, ROSTAING S.A. fully owns its production with 5 sites operating in France, Vietnam and Morocco. 5 million pairs of gloves are manufactured per year.

ROSTAING is well known for its professionalism, product quality and flexibility to adapt to market needs. The firm is the official supplier for companies like PSA, RENAULT, FORD, Volvo, Arcelor, and Mittalsteel.
ROSTAING is the first European glove manufacturer to sign a partnership license with Dyneema R the world renowned manufacturer of industrial fiber.
For more information on our products and people behind the success of ROSTAING, visit us at www.rostaing.com.