Adjustable Work Platforms

The Department of Comsumer and Business Services of the US State of Oregon
presents the final report on prototype equipment that permits workers of
different heights, while standing on catwalks, to individually adjust the floor
height of their assigned work stations.

Schnitzer Steel Industries Inc. designed an adjustable work platform, measuring
42" x 30" and having the ability to adjust in height over an 8.5-inch
adjustment range. This platform design incorporates an electrically controlled
motor, which drives a pump and cylinder system on the four corners of the
platform. The platforms may be fabricated in a free standing design, or may be
incorporated into a fixed surrounding platform.

This new design solves the problems of recently reported great discomfort,
particularly in the form of lower back pain, after working even relatively
short periods of time on platforms.

Further Information

AplusA-online.de - Source: State of Oregon Department of Comsumer and Business Services