Advertising campaign promotes business case for safety

The British HSE has launched a national campaign featuring advertisements in
the national media, specialist trade press, commercial radio and direct mail,
to persuade businesses that sensible health and safety management is good for
their finances.

Workplace accidents and ill health cost the UK economy up to £6.5bn a year,
much of this is uninsured costs, impacting directly on bottom-line

The campaign illustrates by case study what can be achieved in this way:

  • Rolls-Royce plc realised savings of £11m through an active absence
    management policy, achieving an absence reduction of around 15% to a rate well
    below the estimated national average, with a fall in the proportion of absence
    due to stress from around 20% to 16%;

  • British Polythene Industries' rehabilitation scheme reduced by over 80%
    the number of working days lost due to musculoskeletal disorders;

  • Severn Trent plc reduced their total number of accidents by almost 50% and
    the proportion of those attributable to musculoskeletal disorders from 75% to
    around 20%, with a resultant decrease in days lost through absence and an
    anticipated reduction in civil liability claims.

Other case studies look at the experience of The Associated Octel Company Ltd,
Port of London Authority, Legoland Windsor, St Regis Paper Company and Wilson

These case studies not only demonstrate how some companies tackled the problems
you're likely to encounter, but also show how they achieved a successful
financial return as well.

Further Information

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