Advice for migrant workers

The British Health and Safety Executive (HSE) provides information for all
overseas workers and emphasizes that they are protected by the law whether they
are working legally or not.

The website helps overseas workers and their employers understand their roles
and responsibilities under British health and safety law.

If you are working here from overseas, this website will help you:

  • find out about your rights and responsibilities under health and safety law; and

  • find information on health and safety including your basic rights and conditions of work such as working hours, rest breaks and time off.

If you are an employer, this website will help you find out about:

  • good practice when employing temporary and overseas workers; and

  • your legal responsibilities to them.

Furthermore "Frequently asked questions" are answered.

Parts of this site are available in other languages:

  • Polish

  • Lithuanian

  • Slovak

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Romanian

  • Hungarian

  • Czech

  • Ukrainian

  • Latvian

  • Estonian

  • Bulgarian

  • Chinese

Further info

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