Agricultural Safety and Health

The US-American Journal of Agricultural Safety and Health (2008 Volume 14,
Number 2) released a special issue featuring articles from the September 2006
Western Center for Agricultural Health and Safety Conference Health and Safety
in Western Agriculture: Research to Practice.

Abstracts of the following seven articles are available

  • Introduction to the Special Issue Research to Practice in the Agricultural

  • The California Agricultural Workers Health Survey

  • Reaching Teen Farm Workers with Health and Safety Information: An Evaluation
    of a High School ESL Curriculum

  • Worker Health and Safety in Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

  • Protection Against Breathing Dust: Behavior Over Time in Californian

  • Striving to Provide Opportunities for Farm Worker Community Participation in

  • Low Back Disorders in Agriculture and the Role of Stooped Work: Scope,
    Potential Interventions, and Research Needs

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