Helmet Integrated Systems Ltd.

Alpha Civil and Non-Military Aircrew Helmets

Alpha Civil and Non-Military Aircrew Helmets

Alpha helmet systems for civil aircrews provide essential low cost, head protection for pilots and passengers. A "multisize" passenger version with NVG mounts is available where the helmet is not personal issue.

Options include fully fitted or multi-size helmets. There is a choice of boom microphones, single or double visor systems (tinted and clear), Active Noise Reduction (ANR) headsets.

Alpha 200 Helicopter Aircrew Helmet
The Alpha 200 Series is designed for use in helicopters and fixed wing, non-ejection seat aircraft. Typical usage includes Police Air Support Units (ASU) and Air Ambulance Services.

Alpha 400 Passenger Helmet
The Alpha 400 Series incorporates a unique multi-fit system which provides rapid and accurate fitting to a wide range of head sizes. This high performance lightweight helmet protects users of all non-ejection seat aircraft who might otherwise fly unprotected.

Alpha ANR (Active Noise Reduction)
Alpha ANR (Active Noise Reduction) headsets and helmet systems protect aircrews from the damaging effects of aircraft noise while providing enhanced communications capability. A unique modular design enables the system to be helmet mounted or provided in a headband version. Benefits provided in low frequency noise environments include increase flying time.

Alpha Eagle Helicopter Aircrew helmet
The Alpha Eagle features an ultra-lightweight specification (weighing only 980 grams) and is designed for helicopter aircrews in a variety of operations including police air support, emergency services, forestry and crop spraying. The cushioned interior with simple, rapid size adjustment provides excellent comfort, fit, retention and balance, while the epoxy resin aramid carbon fibre shell offers a high level of head protection. In common with the rest of the Alpha range the modular-based helmet configuration can be adapted using a wide range of equipment options. These include single or double visors with clear or tinted screens, semi-rigid or NVG compatible visor covers, ANR (Active Noise Reduction) and a choice of boom microphones with compatibility for most on-board communications.