Bauer GmbH

As Safe as Houses

The use of plastic containers for hazardous materials carries a latent threat in the form of materials that can burn or create an explosive atmosphere. Unchecked filling leads to the creation of a non-defined mixture of hazardous materials. This means that the use of plastic containers for keeping, collecting or storing hazardous materials at work or in buildings is an extremely risky business. The legislator has issued clearly defined laws and regulations with regard to the prevention of accidents and how to deal with such dangers i.e. acts laying down industrial health and safety standards; acts covering safety aspects at the place of work; chemical law and acts covering hazardous materials. In short these laws and regulations stipulate that persons keeping, collecting or storing hazardous materials at the place of work must use a safe receptacle that meets the current standard of technology.

Bauer GmbH, the renowned manufacturer of equipment for the environmental protection sector, based in Südlohn Germany now has a solution for this problem. The ZERO-Box® not only meets the current standard of technology but is also is a patented construction and a tested protective container that can accommodate most plastic containers in use today. The sturdy steel construction provides the protection necessary where the fire risk is concerned – both from inside and out – and where the risk of explosion exists i.e. hazardous materials such as oily rags when collected in plastic containers. Both the door and the lid close automatically. Any fire would be extinguished at source and explosive energy systematically drawn off. The ZERO-Box® is available in two sizes, has a powder-coated finish and warning stickers.