BODYGUARD AS 270 certified to EN 11611 & EN 11612

European Norms show permanent evolution. This is the case more specifically for2 important PPE norms, EN 531/533 which have been replaced by EN 11.612 & EN 470-1 has also been replaced by EN 11.611. BODYGUARD AS 270 has just succeeded in obtaining certification to both standards. This allows you to already submit your own garment for certification.

The big difference between new and old standards is essentially the reference to the Stoll curve and the measurement of the time needed by the fabric to transfer the heat flux to the body which should not allow reaching the level of 2nd degree burn.

BODYGUARD AS 270 conforms to all requirements of these 2 new European norms and is perfectly adapted to all PPE against fire, heat, electric arc, small projections of liquid chemicals (with Teflon® only), static discharge, small projection of molten metal and to High Visibility.

BODYGUARD AS 270 is a true « multirisk » EN 11611, EN 11612, EN 1149-5, EN 61482 Class 1 & 2 (3 layers version with FR Line 3), EN 471 : 2003+A1, EN 13034 (with Teflon® only), EN 343 (2 & 3 layers version) .