IAS Institut für Arbeits- und Sozialhygiene Stiftung

Balanced Scorecard and Health Care Management at the workplace

Health Care Management at the workplace (HCMW) means the connexion between occupational medicine and safety management, health promotion and strategical management. In many enterprises there are problems getting together preventive measurements and economic strategies. These lack can be closed by Balanced Scorecard (BSC). This means a management system not only effecting economic and customer oriented targets but also soft factors as internal processes and human resources. BSC brings this different perspectives in balance.

Under these circumstances HCMW-BSC-concept is able not only to formulate but also to realize paradigma changement in health care and safety protection: the regulation perspective has been replaced by the company perspective. Prevention gets a tool for increasing productivity. Approved and innovative preventive instruments out of occupational medicine and safety management are introduced in the goals of the enterprise. They could by completed by psycologic and sociologic measurements. The prime target are healthy, efficient and motivated employers in a healthy enterprise, what means economically successful and healthy protective.