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Bata Industrials shows new élan at A+A 2003

Bata Industrials wants to further strengthen its leading position in Europe by providing even better support for the distributors and wearers of its protective footwear. This aim is emphasised at the A+A trade exhibition by new collections and an entirely new presentation, which focuses more than ever before on the wearer's experience and perception of the products.

Footwear beyond safety
Bata Industrials has earned a solid reputation in the upper segment of the safety footwear market by continuously surpassing current standards and norms, in order to meet the wishes and desires of the users of the day. People who are not only looking for the right protection but who also want an attractive, comfortable shoe that keeps them fit and healthy on the job. Results which also benefit the employer of course. Which is why these issues drive Bata’s research, development and design effort. The cost aspect is also part of the equation of course. The results can be seen at the A+A exhibition in the shape of strong collections for different fields of work. Presented under the heading ‘Footwear beyond safety’, the new slogan of Bata Industrials.

A+A premier: the new BS2000
During the A+A exhibition, Bata will launch the successor to its trusty and highly successful BS2000; in its day the first proper safety shoe with the character of sports footwear. A combination which is still very popular with large groups of users. Reason enough for Bata now to launch a worthy successor. The design has been adapted to today's styling demands and Bata has also implemented a number of radical improvements in the structure of the shoe itself. Such as the asymmetrical mid-sole, which ensures improved cushioning and stability. The new BS2000 is also made on a slightly wider last, with a tread that follows the natural progression of the motion of the foot. For an even better fit and even greater comfort in wear. An aspect that is also promoted by the new active, breathable and moisture transporting lining, which contributes to optimum climate control in the shoe. The antislip, lightweight 2-density PU sole features an attractive anti-clogging profile. Good news for all the faithful BS2000 wearers and for everyone else working in light industry on the lookout for an excellent safety shoe at a reasonable price.

Even more innovations
Given that socks and footwear are regarded as an inseparable duo by Bata Industrials, the updated BS2000 sock will also be on show at the A+A exhibition. The design is produced in two colours, while the composition remains the same: 50% Pro-Guards® for the removal of transpiration moisture, 30% cotton for moisture absorption and comfort, plus 15% polyamide and 5% Lycra ® to keep the sock in shape and to ensure that it does not sag. Finally, another new item for A+A-visitors to see is Traxx, Bata’s latest hit for the top segment of the market. This new generation of safety shoes has been on the market since the middle of last year and has already made a definitive breakthrough in Scandinavia and the Benelux. Younger working people in particular are wildly enthusiastic about this ultimate mix of good looks, wear comfort and innovative properties.

Bata Industrials will be presenting itself jointly at the A+A with its German distributor Wegusta, on stand B70 (hall 3). Let yourself be taken away here into the new world of Bata, in which safety, health and comfort come together more beautifully than ever.

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