Because Tyvek® Makes The Difference

Tyvek® Makes The Difference

Protecting people, products and processes is an integral part of many businesses today and DuPont™ has been developing and refining fibres and materials so that fabrics can be produced to support and enhance this protection requirement. Tyvek® was invented in 1955 and has been protecting people since 1994. Its unique properties and intention to make working environments safer and more comfortable explains why it has been the market leader for so long. The combination of protection, durability and comfort presents a disposable garment that offers superior protection when it matters and is ideal for the many different and challenging workplaces where it is worn. Tyvek® offers more than just a product to protect: Tyvek® invents and improves chemical coverall solutions by paying attention to the very little details that will make the difference.

Online tools
To most people, all protective coveralls look the same; that’s why selecting the correct protective coverall can be a task in itself. To help customers make the right choice, new online tools have been developed by DuPont™. Visit differentprotection.tyvek.com and experience why Tyvek® makes the difference.

In a series of videos, Professor Victor Tytonius, the cyber scientist who specialises in worker protection and chemical protective clothing and materials, carries out scientific experiments to reveal the performance of three non-woven structures - Tyvek®, MPF (Microporous Film) and SMS (Spunbond-Meltblown- Spunbond). Through this innovative and humorous presentation, the animation delivers the important scientific message that if you want to have the very best protection, protection in use that can stand up to the task at hand, you should invest in a quality, high performing coverall. Professor Tytonius escorts his viewers on a journey that outlines a series of evidence that confirms Tyvek® makes the difference.

Durability and comfort
Tyvek® is extremely durable, highly resistant to tear and abrasion but still breathable and because of the smooth surface of the finished fabric, it is still soft to touch and extremely flexible, not restricting movement. The combination of these
properties explains why Tyvek® is so comfortable to wear.

Tyvek® offers exceptionally high levels of protection against a variety of liquid or solid chemicals, as well as dust and fibres because its smooth surface repels both liquids and particles, offering the highest chemical barrier in its category. It also prevents human contamination of products and processes in cleanroom environments, pharmaceutical or food industries Tyvek® is the ideal material because the continuous, strong, high density polyethylene fibres do not shed and it does not contain additives or fillers. Even after surface abrasion, the fabric retains a high level of barrier because the entire thickness of the fabric constitutes the ‘barrier’ itself. This means that contamination, whether from the person wearing the coverall or the environment that the person is working in, is minimised, therefore offering complete protection for products or processes.

Ultimately DuPont™ core ambition is to protect every single person in every conceivable situation, and continuous attention is paid to every detail. It is this attention that ensures Tyvek® makes the difference.